The members of LABRRI offer courses on intercultural issues and dynamics in different universities and from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.  All courses are not offered on a regular basis, so please contact the professor or university directly for more information about schedules and calendars.  Here are the different types of courses offered in the past or at present:


Researchers affiliated with LABRRI have in the past offered courses in anthropology, philosophie, psychologie, communications, political science, religious studies and in several areas of applied sciences.  To see some examples of these courses click here:  http://labrri.net/category/enseignement/


Seminars for Masters and Ph.D. students are offered for smaller groups, usually on more specialized themes or topics.  Starting in 2015 will offer a yearly pluridisciplinary seminar that will be open to graduate students and practitioners in all disciplines who are interested in the different theoretical approaches to the study of interactions in contemporary plural societies.  To learn more about this seminar in its current form, click here:  http://labrri.net/theories-de-la-rencontre-ant6150/


As part of our plans to create an undergraduate degree, we are currently working on a program of study that would take the form of a minor in intercultural studies.  Our colleagues at GERACII (Université de Québec à Montréal) offer a variety of courses in the study of international and intercultural communication and Jorge Frozzini (Université de Québec à Chicoutimi) is working on a project that is directly related to training in the area of intercultural communication and medias.


Certain members of the LABBRI team offer specialized training in cultural diversity and the acquisition of intercultural competencies.  The terms and conditions for training vary according to the needs and resources of the group or organization.  For more information, contact us at: infolabrri@gmail.com

Parution prochaine du livre “Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era”

Parution prochaine du livre “Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era”

En octobre 2017 paraîtra, aux éditions Palgrave-Macmillan, le livre “Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era” édité par Bob W. White.

what is LABRRI?

LABRRI is a space for the research, teaching and development of expertise in intercultural relations

Research partnership: «Toward an intercultural city: issues, practices and expertise (CRSH 2012-2014)

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