We organize several conferences and related activities per year, varying in size from full-day workshops (“journées d’études”) with local partners, panels as a part of regional or national conferences, and free-standing international events.  To see examples of our conferences and other scientific activities since 2011, click here:


On a regular basis we organize informal workshops to explore current research being conducted by colleagues, students and partners affiliated with the laboratory.  In general the workshop includes a short presentation of the research problem and results and a hands-on activity using data generated in the context of the research.  To see summaries of past workshops in this category, click here:


These are intensive long-term workshops that are based on a collaborative project between a member of the LABRRI team and one of our partner organizations.  The main goal of the Practical Theory Workshops is to bring researchers closer to the work being done on the ground by our partners and to assist our partners in the elaboration of concepts and theories that will help them document or analyse the issues they face in everyday aspects of the work they do.  To learn more, click here:


These workshops enable us to cover important subjects related to the theoretical and conceptual tools that are shared among the different members of the laboratory.  Here are a few examples of the themes that have been addressed:  The 3D model (Diversity, Discrimination, Dialogue), The Notion of Discrimination in Intercultural Dynamics, Comparative Analysis of Intercultural Policy Frameworks, Theoretical Frameworks in Intercultural Research, Intercultural Research Methods, Action-Research and Collaborative Ethnography.  For more information, contact us at:


Members and partners of the laboratory are called upon to participate in different types of media topics and outlets (written press, television, internet) on topics related to cultural diversity, immigration and intercultural relations.  Click here to see examples:

Parution prochaine du livre “Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era”

Parution prochaine du livre “Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era”

En octobre 2017 paraîtra, aux éditions Palgrave-Macmillan, le livre “Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era” édité par Bob W. White.

what is LABRRI?

LABRRI is a space for the research, teaching and development of expertise in intercultural relations

Research partnership: «Toward an intercultural city: issues, practices and expertise (CRSH 2012-2014)

To see a more detailed presentation of this project click here


February 6 - 8: Intercultural Cities annual conference organized by the Council of Europe in Dublin (Bob White and Patrice Allard (City of Montreal) are presenting)

April 19th - 9 h 00 - first Atelier de Théorie Pratique (ATP) with La Maisonnée and Danielle Gratton

6 - 10 May: Annual ACFAS conference - Université Laval (Québec)
LABRRI will hold a day of conferences, wednesday the 8th of may: «Chroniques de l’interculturel au Québec»